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Welcome to the Brockton Raiders!

The Brockton Raiders are a nonprofit youth Football and Cheer organization. Consisting of 6 football teams, ranging from 1st grade-8th grade, and cheer ranging from ages 5 years old - 14 years old. We are a part of the Baystate Youth Football and Cheer conference, within American Youth Football (AYF) and American Youth Cheer (AYC), where the boys and girls team up to compete against other teams from surrounding towns. The Brockton Raiders continue to bring a competitive edge to the sport we all love to watch and play!


Brockton Raiders Youth Football and Cheer is a nonprofit, 100% volunteer organization. Our coaches, coordinators and administrators devote hundreds of hours annually to the program to ensure every child has an opportunity to succeed.


After multiple championships, our former President Percy and Vice President Dave had a bigger vision for the Brockton Raiders. They took the leap and joined AYF/AYC in the Baystate Football and Cheer conference. The Brockton Raiders have been successfully building and growing the organization ever since!


This program was built to allow all children in the city of Brockton the right to play without any type of discrimination (weight, race, gender, financial, etc.) EVERYONE participates! We do not deny any child the right to play football or cheer in our program. We provide a safe haven and family atmosphere to children while learning the fundamentals of the great game of football. The bonds built will last a lifetime!


The Brockton Raiders were created in 2013 in an effort to give kids who were turned away from other organizations, due to their weight, a place to play the great game of football. The Brockton Raiders started in The Big Six League that consisted of 6 teams that went head to head against other teams in the city of Brockton. 

Off Season

There is no off season! We are a family and we continue to provide a home to all of our Raiders in other avenues throughout the year. We are continuously pushing to grow, whether it be off season workouts or offering another sport (i.e. Brockton Raiders Youth Lacrosse), to give more options to the youth of Brockton.

American Youth Football and Cheer

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    Rahshaun Burkes

    Rahshaun Burkes

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